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Our export market supports high street stores, department stores, mail order companies and independent chain stores throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia



We closely follow trends and are able to offer creative new finishes, materials, and styles that will be popular with customers and clients. Our items range from t-shirts, sweatshirts, dress shirts, polo shirts and hoodies, to caps, flip flops and bags.

For more information  contact Mr. Ken Cheung at or call +852 2375 6288



Our principal, Mr. Ricky Chan, is a 1981 alumnus of China Resources Hong Kong. China Resources is the Chinese state-owned conglomerate that was the gateway to China following its transformation from a virtually closed economy in 1979 to the major trading nation it is today. This was an incredible success story for China and a magnificent opportunity for Mr. Chan to work with Chinese corporations and factories that were seeking to build their export markets.

RDL was established in 1987 and, over the decades, building on networking from the early China Resources days, it has established itself as a proud China specialist.

 RDL’s core services provide sourcing facilities, merchandising expertise, production follow-up, quality control and export documentation services to its clients. Its depth and breadth of expertise provides invaluable knowledge and assistance to clients seeking a direct relationship with Chinese factories and corporations.

RDL’s expertise enables it to provide specialist consulting services to those companies that have encountered issues or problems within China, or  with issues or problems when dealing with entities that lack specialist China expertise.

RDL can assist in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. With a clear and precise brief on your product or service, we can isolate the China components and identify the opportunities or needs. We can analyse the operational situation and identify procurement opportunities for improvement.

However, you may just want advice or to use us as a sounding board. We are here to help. We are discreet.

Our standard professional services are routinely provided on a day by day basis. It’s the little extras we can offer, the behind the scene issues we can resolve, that can prove invaluable to our clients.

So, if you have an issue, a problem or you just want advice please contact Ms Alicia Chan at or call +852 2375 6288 and we can steer you in the right direction.



We export fashion items in bulk to wholesalers.


We work with renowned brands globally, some of which have partnered with us for decades. Our clients are varied and range from swimwear brands to specialty ski brands. With every partnership we create high quality fashion that delivers versatility and comfort.



We have extensive experience working with niche fashion brands requiring complicated finishes, special fabrics and heavy washes.



Aside from apparel, we also supply other accessory products such as caps, bandannas, bags, glasses and umbrellas.


Through our subsidiaries, we have expanded into the manufacture of other products



The Chemical Industry is a vast one that is central to the current world economy. It has grown from the mass production of sulphuric acid during the first industrial revolution, through the late 19th century boom that saw the proliferation of a large number and variety of manufactured chemicals, to existence of international giant chemical conglomerates of the present day.


RDL was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1987. It has over 35 years of experience in the successful sourcing and exportation of quality products throughout Hong Kong and China. 


The RDL Group started sourcing chemicals in China for water treatment projects less than a decade ago and has today established a dependable portfolio of chemical manufacturers in China that produce a variety of chemical products.


The RDL Group has established offices in eight key regions within China. These regional offices work in conjunction with RDL Group subsidiaries within China and provide a support base for clients visiting chemical manufacturing sources.


Please see our Chemicals Catalog.

For more information  contact Mr. Ricky Chan at or call +852 2375 6288


We have expanded into manufacturing sourcing and trading activities that support the following industries: building materials, steel sheet piles, household products, packaging materials, raw materials, machinery and chemicals.

Please see subsidiary website: Uzhny Okean LLC 

For more information  contact Mr. Tony Tong at or call +852 2375 6288



In 2016 we established a China food import division to connect Belarus food manufacturers with counterpart commercial end users in China. 

Our Minsk, Belarus subsidiary is ideally placed to supervise and assist Chinese buyers in their import dealings with Russian speaking manufacturing entities.


CCOVID-19 has alerted us to the immediate necessity of providing access to different levels of Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] to our customers, suppliers and their close associates. PPE is in great demand worldwide. We have created temporary manufacturing lines within some of our factories to generate supply and we are working closely with established PPE producers to deliver safe quality products that meet international standards at competitive prices.


Our factories and products comply with international and local standards

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