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Methyl Acetate

CAS no.: 79-20-9

HS code: 2915390090

UN no.: 1231

​Formula: C3H6O2

Contant: 99.8%

Appearance: Liquid

Packing: Plastic Drum & Tank & Bulk

​Grade: Tech Grade

Methyl acetate (MAC), also known as MeOAc, acetic acid methyl ester or methyl ethanoate, is a carboxylate ester with the formula CH3COOCH3. It is a flammable liquid with a characteristically pleasant smell reminiscent of some glues and nail polish removers. Methyl acetate is occasionally used as a solvent, being weakly polar and lipophilic, but its close relative ethyl acetate is a more common solvent being less toxic and less soluble in water. Methyl acetate has a solubility of 25% in water at room temperature. At elevated temperature its solubility in water is much higher. A major use of methyl acetate is as a volatile low toxicity solvent in glues, paints, and nail polish removers.

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